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We provide great services at even better rates. Check below to see if we can help you with your current issues. If not, search around anyway, you may learn something that could be helpful.



We offer Business Consulting for business entities and individuals of all sizes, and origins. Click here for more details.




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Join our ranks and let Burns Consulting take you to the top. For management by Burns Consulting click here.





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Need help with a Trademark, we’ve got you covered.  We offer the 24 hour or less trademark.  We also consult on other matters. Click here for more information.


About Burns Consulting 

Founded in 2009, Burns Consulting has been devoted to repairing, developing, and resolving issues related to individual careers around the United States, and more recently the world.

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Yes! We’re Responsive
It is a standard now

In an industry that changes at lighting speed, you need a manager that’s going to roll with the punches. With the aid of modern technology you can expect light speed responses to your questions.


Yes! We’re Innovative
just try me.

In this industry you must be more than simply accurate, you need to think outside the box. With Burns Consulting you guarantee that you’re getting some of the most cunning and imaginative perspectives on all of your matters.


Yes, We are Discrete
it’s good to be natural.

In a world of public access, Burns Consulting greatly values its client’s personal lives and privacy. All communications are held in attorney client privilege and never disclosed without proper permissions.